[Trlog] Help with PCMCIA in DOS

K0DQ k0dq at analog.org
Wed Sep 3 15:28:09 EDT 2008

Gents.  Posting this here on Tree's recommendation..  




I realize you probably get a million unsolicited questions from folks who
think a onetime purchase of TRLog equates to a lifetime consultancy.  I
don't want to burden you but since this is hardware as well as s/w related,
I wonder if you could point me to one or two of your regulars who might
steer me in the right direction.  I realize I don't understand how the
PCMCIA cards work in DOS and can't find much on the net.  Actually, I've had
fun getting these old but light machines running - bought for a song on
e-bay -  and it's been a nice change from chasing terrorists.  Have restored
5 of them to working condition but am stumped on this.  I posted the
following on an HP forum, but it appears to be slow/no traffic.  


Blessings and TIA,


Scott K0DQ / A92Q



"I have five working HP Omnibook 500's which I run in DOS for a ham radio
application which requires extra serial ports. I use an Argosy PCMCIA card
with two serial ports. 


On two of the computers it works fine in DOS (I have the DOS drivers

The other three computers - which work great otherwise - get the following
"Error: The INTEL 82365SL PCMCIA controller is not detected in your system.
You should contact your dealer to get a PCMCIA support software." As far as
I can determine, the PCMCIA controller is a TI PCI-1410 but I cannot find
any DOS drivers. I get the same result with both of two hard (swappable)
hard drives, one with DOS only (6.22) and the other is DOS partitioned with
W2K. The PCMCIA card is fine in all computers under W2K. Even worse, one of
the computers occasionally recognizes the card, but I have no idea what
triggers the change.


Note that I'm swapping hard drives, so the autoexec.bat and config.sys files
are the same in each case. . . but. . . two work and three don't.

Presumably the two computers that work have the required driver or command
somewhere, but I confess I don't understand how the controllers for PCMCIA

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks."


Please feel free to reply direct.





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