[Trlog] Dueling CQs

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Tue Jan 13 19:20:11 EST 2009

> I just double checked this and agree with Jim, speed seems to 
> be fine in
> 6.92 (although it says 6.91 using ctrl-J, date is 12/16/08).  
> I do not get any revert to 25 WPM if speed is set higher 
> before going to either dueling CQ or Auto CQ mode.

It was AUTO-CQ that kept going back to 25 wpm.  I have a Ctrl-D at the
beginning of my messages so they can be chained.  When I deleted the Ctrl-D,
the speed tracks the speed set in TR-Log.  So, something changed in 6.92
that is interpreting Ctrl-D as speed=25 wpm in messages.  These messages
with Ctrl-D worked fine prior to 6.92.  I've had Ctrl-D in my messages for
years now.

> I agree, you do have to be in CQ mode and not S and P for it 
> to work correct.  I never noticed this before because I think 
> I am almost always in CQ mode.  It could have been like this 
> from day 1 not sure.

Yes, I think this has always been this way, but I believe it should force CQ
mode since S&P mode doesn't make sense if you're CQing on both radios.  In
my case, it is often in S&P because I have S&P ENABLE = TRUE so when I move
the VFO TR-Log goes to S&P mode.  I almost always move the VFO to a clear
frequency before launching Dueling-CQ which is why it is in S&P mode.

Ed - W0YK

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