[Trlog] Orion and various versions of TRLog

Zivney, Terry L. 00tlzivney at bsu.edu
Tue Jan 27 13:34:48 EST 2009

 TRLog 6.78 reads both Orions ok.
 TRlog 6.91 seems to only read my right Orion, not the left Orion.
 TRLog 6.93 reads neither Orion!  Only the exe and ovr files are
 different between the three  folders.  Downloaded 6.93 Friday.

Per KD4D I checked the following info:

running TR PORTS shows for serial ports:

COM1   $03F8
COM2   $02F8
COM3   $03E8
COM4   $02E8

Device Manager in WIN95 (I run in a DOS box) shows
COM1  IRQ 4     $03F8
COM2  IRQ 3     $02F8
COM3  IRQ 4     $03E8
COM4  IRQ 11   $02E8
COM5  IRQ 10   $0250
COM6  IRQ 12   $0258

COM1 is used by the mouse,  which I use to get into the DOS box.
COM5 & 6 don't seem to be visable to TRLog.

My LOGCFG.DAT file has:

Radio One Name = Left
Radio One Type = Orion
Radio One Control Port = Serial 4
Radio Two Name = Right
Radio Two Type = Orion
Radio Two Control Port = Serial 2

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