[Trlog] IOTA Cabrillo

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Sun Jul 26 21:55:21 PDT 2009

I didn't operate this contest but I have had recent trouble with the
Cabrillo files generated by TR.  I am hoping Tree will have some time to fix
this shortly(and also the delay in the newer version-the only one that
supports my radio).

Mike W9RE

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I didn't have much luck generating a Cabrillo for the IOTA Contest.  POST
6.93 lost the transmitted exchange and the contest name, and DATtoCBR 2.03
truncated received island number when received QSO number > 999.

Because my log was small, I fixed the POST output manually, typing in
transmitted QSO numbers and copying the IOTA suggested CATEGORY data format
and other header data.

Did anyone else have better luck?

73, Paul W8TM

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