[Trlog] Cabrillo format

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Jul 30 09:41:14 PDT 2009

On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 11:33:13AM -0500, John Dvoracek wrote:

> I need to assemble a Cabrillo file for a new contest submission (ICOM
> DSstar "contest").  I've found some information on Cabrillo files, and
> I think the various entries are not column sensitive and that
> whitespace (and/or a colon) is the delimiter between fields in various
> line.  Correct?

Well - yes and no.

It all depends on what the person receiving the log is expecting.  

I know that the if we could set the clock back to the initial creation of
Cabrillo - having whitespace as a delimiter instead of fixed column 
assignments would have been the way the spec would have been written.

However, it wasn't done that way initially - and we have the spec with
rigid column requirements.  

TR Log ignores this in the received data field - but that pretty much only
applies to the Sweepstakes and since I know the log checker for the SS 
REALLY WELL (it's me) - that hasn't been a problem.

So - you are really on your own if you deviate from the spec.  It might
be okay - it might not be.  I doubt this contest is addressed by the 
spec anyway - so looking at the contest rules is probably your best bet
for guidance.  Or just send your log in and see if they complain.  Most
software writers will just use whitespace as that is often easier than 
worrying about specific columns.

The Cabrillo spec can be found here:



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