[Trlog] Shrunken screen size

Robert Brandon rb at austin.rr.com
Wed Jun 24 12:38:01 PDT 2009

I've seen this before.  I don't think there are any DOS commands to modify
the display environment.  I think you'll be stuck with the CMOS options.
Have you browsed for an update?

Could you load Windows 98 and boot to that DOS environment?  I'll bet that
would do the trick.

Robert K5PI

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I'm setting up a new (old) laptop for TR. It's a Compaq Armada V300
(Celeron) with a new DOS installation. TR works great on it, but it doesn't
fill up the screen. TR is about 30% smaller than the laptop's screen. There
are no CMOS settings available for this. Is there a fix or should I squint?

Thank you!

73 de Mike, N9BOR

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