[Trlog] TR4W Questions

Michael Brown k9mi at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 1 10:50:37 PST 2009

The TR4W program is pretty simple to setup from what I have seen Will. I 
downloaded it Monday and did a "fake" Arrl 160 contest with it, and my 
station is pretty simple. I used the lpt cw keying and rig control for the 
TS 850. I didn't see anything in Russian. I really didn't even look at the 
help file, but I would imagine it's in English also, but that's just a 
guess. In my fake 160 contest, everything worked fine and I logged about 10 
contacts, then made the Cabrillo file, and no problems. This is using the 
AMD XP 1700 processor (about 1.5 ghz) 512 meg of ram and Windows XP home.

I've not tried it under any contest situation yet, but I may give it a go 
next weekend as long as my .wav files play ok. My voice is shot, so I have 
to have a working voice keyer or not operate.

73 - Mike K9MI

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>I figured that I would try here first...  I have not tried SO2R or the
> Windows version of TRLog in a contest yet! I have a pretty much every 
> thing
> configured. The big questions is, can I hook up the ZS4TX Super Combo 
> Keyer
> to be controlled by TR4W? Where is it configured? Has any one translated 
> the
> Russian help file? Any tips or warnings??
> TNX Will WC2L
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