[Trlog] Mexican states as mults in ARRL 10M

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Apr 1 09:15:06 PDT 2010

On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 05:06:09PM -0700, Kenneth E. Harker wrote:

>      Sean KX9X has announced via the ARRL Contest Branch blog that the 2010 
> ARRL 10 Meter Contest will include 32 new multipliers - each Mexican state 
> now counts as a separate multiplier.  XF1 remains a separate multiplier, but
> the old XE multiplier goes away.  The blog entry includes the abbreviation
> list for the states:
> http://kx9x.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/33-new-multipliers-in-arrl-10-meter-contest/
> Any chance TR can be made to work with the new multiplier structure?

I believe TR can work as it exists today in this contest - you would need to add
the Mexican states to the .DOM file and tell TR that XE is now a domestic country.

There might be an issue with too many domestic QTHs (I forget what the limit is, 
but it might be 255 for the Texas counties).  

At any rate - I will likely update the program for this contest at some point, 
but it will be based on 6.93 which not eveyrone is happy with.  It might also be
that some of the new additions will require changes to the existing names, but
I haven't checked for sure.


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