[Trlog] IARU and mixed mode operating

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The last time I operated the IARU in mixed mode was the final year that the contest was a part of the WRTC qualification process for Moscow. I ended up using 6.74 or 6.78 because on my old slow PC, 6.93 took too long to process the QSO. At any rate, my old tried and true version worked fine. It worked in the SO2R mode exactly as it normally would in either  mode. The radio operated with all the memory messages, either SSB or CW (using old K1EA voice recorders in both computers) and it was interesting to operate SO2R and have everything work just exactly as it should. I would hear my own voice or the CW depending on the mode of that particular radio. Radios called stations and gave exchanges as needed. It was cool to be running on one mode and S and P-ing on another mode and the station simply did exactly what it was supposed to do. 

Jim N3BB

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>I have not operated the IARU contest in a few years (at least seriously) and
>I'm pretty sure this use to work FB but now it doesn't. 
>I normally use 6.93 but also tried 6.94 with no luck. 
>If Radio A is on 15M CW and Radio B is on 10M CW and a stations is queued up
>using 'Alt-D' all works normal.  Call and exchange are sent and Q is logged
>on correct band.
>But if Radio A is on 15 M SSB and Radio B is on 10 M CW and 'Alt-D' is used
>again the call is sent on Radio B but upon hitting enter to log the exchange
>and the Q,  TR thinks Radio B is on SSB because it goes to transmit but
>doesn't transmit any CW (maybe transmit exchange on SSB) and also logs the
>contact on SSB rather then CW.
>I think it has to do with the timing issue.
>Can anyone suggest an alternate key setup to force TR to send the report on
>CW and log the Q on CW?  Or any other patch that might work?
>Mike W9RE
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