[Trlog] IARU and mixed mode operating

Tree tree at kkn.net
Fri Jul 9 08:55:30 PDT 2010

I just did a simple test here (with the latest version).  Please try and see
if you got the same results I did.

1. Start a New Contest.  
2. I picked IARU
3. Enable two radio mode.
4. Put the active radio on SSB, inactive on CW.
5. Use Alt-D to setup a station to work on CW.
6. Press space bar - then log the station.

This logged it on CW for me.

What might be happening is that if you are putting out a DVP message during the 
QSO process, it might be confusing TR.  If you eliminate that step - does that 
solve the problem?

If we can narrow this down to that specific event, then this might be easy to 
fix.  But I wanted to get you to the same place I was at above.


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