[Trlog] TR4W -- SO2R

Tod -ID tod at k0to.us
Mon May 10 11:42:10 PDT 2010


I have been trying to get the SO2R function to work correctly.

The ALT-R key selects between my two radios correctly. That means that line
14 of the Parallel Port [LPT1] is functioning correctly. The keying for my
setup is done using  LPT1.

I find that whatever physical radio and whatever Serial Port is designated
as Radio 2 will not be read by the program and also will not have the
frequency set correctly by the program.

In all other respects [that I have tested] the TR4W SO2R function seems to
work exactly like the TR-Log SO2R function. 

1. What is the brand(s) of the physical radios you are using? which one is
assigned to Radio 2?

2. What statements are in the .cfg file that you used? Could you send me a
copies of the config files so I can see if I am missing statements?

Thank you for the wiki information. I had found it once before and it is
good to have the URL to refer to.

Tod, K0TO

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> Hi Tod
> I am running TR4W in SO2R with no problems. I have been 
> running for nearly 6 months. It works just like TR. If I can 
> be of any help just ask. There is a Wiki at 
> http://www.tr4w.com/wiki/ - The Google language translator 
> works well converting the pages although some odd wording 
> come up from time to time. It is nice running TR again under windows.
> Syl, VE5ZX 

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