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My setup is a TopTen DXDoubler and a regular keyer for paddle input and LPT1
for the computer keying line.

Sending on the wrong radio is an interesting 'failure mode' but not one that
I feel I have seen [yet]. 

I did find that when I examined the logging for the 7QP contest that the
physical radio designated Radio 2 did not have the frequency recorded while
Radio 1 did. After a number of tests I determined that for my configuration
[FT1000MP's] that the program simply was not sending data to and reading
data from Radio 2 via that CAT connection.

I tried setting/changing several of the configuration file statements to see
if I could correct that and was unable to get proper communication between
the physical radio assigned to Radio 2 and the program. The same
communication path and physical radio worked properly when assigned as Radio

At this point I have sent a note to Dmitriy but heard nothing back. It may
be that I simply have not set all of the Configuration Statements correctly
which is why I thought I would ask this list for advice.

Fortunately, my computer has more than two serial ports so I can use TR-Log
when I wish to operate SO2R. If I had one or no serial ports this would not
be possible. I currently have a dual boot system which selects between XP
and WIN98 but there are times when I would prefer to be running XP rather
than WIN98.

Thank you for your information.

Tod, K0TO


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> Last time I checked, SO2R with tr4w did NOT work correctly if 
> you use Winkey for keying. Both with "Sprint-SO2R" and 
> "Alt-D" type SO2R, there were issues with ending up sending 
> on the wrong radio. I haven't checked on this for several 
> months so maybe the Winkey code has been fixed then.
> Tor
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> > Has anyone on this list tried to use
> > TR4W to run an SO2R station? 
> > 
> > If so, did it work the same as TR-Log works?
> > 
> > Tod, K0TO
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