[Trlog] FreeDos help?

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Tue Nov 2 16:02:40 PDT 2010

At 12:00 PM 11/2/10 -0700, n9rv wrote:
>I am having some memory issues with TR Log that causes the remaining
>memory to go super low when the DVP TSR is loaded, and I suspect is
>the root of instability even when not using the DVP.

Be sure that you have the most recent version of cty.dat installed.  Some versions were large enough to cause memory problems.

If you still have problems, you can butcher cty.dat if you don't need it much, as in Sweepstakes.  Just use a text editor to remove countries you don't expect to work.  Do this entire countries at a time, not partials.  As cty.dat becomes smaller, memory remaining becomes larger.

In the extreme, you can empty cty.dat completely, so that dir shows the file cty.dat present but having 0 bytes.  When I tried this on my MS-DOS machine, I gained 116,424 bytes of available memory, as reported by TRLog.  (This gain happens to exceed the file size of the current cty.dat by about 50%).  Of course, I also lost all country information in TRLog.

73 es GL,
Paul W8TM

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