[Trlog] TR 696

Tree tree at kkn.net
Sun Nov 21 16:59:58 PST 2010

I just put version 6.96 up on the web site.


About the only thing really fixed here is the DVK and the flashing "on deck"
display when using the Control-B 2nd radio dupe check.

I confirmmed that the IRQs work, and that baud rates up to 38400 work with USE 
IRQS = TRUE and the K3.  

There was a report of Auto CQ messages only running at 25 WPM, but I could 
not reproduce that - and LASTCQFREQ and NEXTBANDMAP commands seem to work
as well.

I also brought up the ARRL 10 contest and that seems to work with the new
Mexican multipliers.

So - hopefully those of you with DVKs will be happy now.  Sorry I didn't get
to this before the SS SSB.


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