[Trlog] Contest Country File Mods

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Wed Oct 20 17:37:01 PDT 2010

> W8TM sed:
> >>It thinks that all of China is zone 24, and all of Asiatic Russia is zone 17.

The above statement is wrong.  I apologize for my erroneous presumption that the only zone information is in the cty.dat file.

I experimented using the cty.dat file modified as described in an earlier e-mail, simulating a CQ WW and an IARU contest.  I "worked" my meager pile of Asiatic Russia QSL cards so that I could be confident of zones, presuming that the cards are correct.

The experiment revealed that the TRLog logic worked perfectly for the CQ zones of my cards.  

However, TRLog's ITU zone for UA0IDZ differed from that shown on the card, with TRLog showing 24 but the card showing 34.  Even with the full-size cty.dat, TRLog would have shown ITU zone 24 for UA0IDZ, since the full cty.dat includes the zone information UA0I(19)[24].  So maybe UA0IDZ's card is wrong, or maybe he is a special case not included in the current AD1C cty.dat file.  QRZ.com shows his QTH at 59.56 degrees north, implying zone 34, but he is certainly close to the 60-degree boundary with zone 24.

My card pile doesn't include any Chinese cards, so my experiment was limited to Asiatic Russia.

73, Paul W8TM

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