[Trlog] Alt-D and 6.96

Ron Vander Kraats r.vanderkraats at utoronto.ca
Sat Feb 12 17:04:11 PST 2011

 I was putting 6.96 through its paces for the ARRL DX contests and noticed an apparent change in behaviour from 6.76. It relates to the second radio.

  In 6.76, Alt-D checks the call and places it in the Alt-D Window. The space bar loads it into the QSO window AND changes the active radio to the second radio. Two Enters to work the station. Then a space bar to return the active radio to the first radio and call CQ.

   6.96 seems to behave differently. The space bar now does not automatically change to the second radio. One has to do a manual Alt-R, work the station, and then do another manual Alt-R.

   Is there a way to make the Alt-R's automatic?

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