[Trlog] TR Versions/Issues

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Mon May 2 15:31:44 PDT 2011

I was just setting up TR for a visitor this weekend to use when we
discovered that TR was not sending the answering station's call but only
sending the report and county.  This was 6.95, I have looked back through
the archives and did not see this mentioned.  This does not happen in 6.94.
So I was confused on what version to use.  I know I used different versions
for ARRL SSB and CW because 7.00 doesn't support my internal DVP board but
7.00 worked great for CW.  I must have used 6.95 on SSB.   I can't seem to
find my notes on what versions worked with the new (bigger) CTY.DAT files.
Anyway I thought it would be nice to have a collection of what works and
doesn't vs. version in one spot.  Like this:


6.94 (Apr 3, 2010)


6.95 (Jul 7, 2010)

Doesn't send call in CQ mode (W9RE)

Doesn't work with large CTY.DAT file


6.96 (Nov 21, 2010)

Band data not sent (N4TZ)


7.00 (Dec 7, 2010)

Lot's of memory available

Crashes with runtime errors (W8TM, others)

Won't work with internal DVP board (W9RE)

Shift key tuning not working (WT9U)

Doesn't like Byterunner Card (KD4D)


Maybe this will help people in testing as to what to look for.


If you want to include your specific comments/corrections I will try to
compile and make available the list.  




Mike W9RE


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