[Trlog] memory issues

Jasper---NE9U skjasper at att.net
Mon Nov 7 18:43:29 PST 2011

I used an older version of TR this past weekend (6.69) (has always worked for me in the past) and ran into memory issues right off the bat.....down to 10-20K without any qso's logged.
I switched over to 6.96 in the heat of battle and same problems (plus i lost control of my 2nd radio ic765 (ft1000d still worked), so i went back to my trusty old version.

Main problem for me was loss of TRmaster.dta data.  If I'd reboot, it would  temporarily fix the problem but soon to appear again.

Is my Trmaster.dta getting too large?  Currently at about 2.2M  Does that affect remaining memory?  Did the high volume of skimmer packet spots do it...I'm not sure if the bandmaps take up lots of memory?

Any ideas how to give me some memory back in the next contest?

Scott  NE9U

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