[Trlog] TRLog and 29 MHz

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Sun Oct 30 18:13:29 PDT 2011

Thanks to the wonderful activity on 10 meters during CQ WW SSB, I worked some SSB stations above 29 MHz.  I had TRLog configured to record the frequency reported by my K3.

For the QSOs above 29 MHz, TRLog recorded in the DAT file, for example:
 10SSB 30-Oct-11 15:17 .1042 OK1VAM         59   59   15                     3$

POST translated this into the Cabrillo as:
QSO: 28104 PH 2011-10-30 1517 W8TM          59  04     OK1VAM        59  15

Obviously, the frequency calculated by POST is incorrect (and the DAT display is debatable).  I corrected the Cabrillo manually (to 29042 in this example), and suggest that others who made QSOs above 29 MHz might want to check for similar situations in their logs.

A search of the Cabrillo for
QSO: 281
ought to locate possible problems.  The corresponding entry in the DAT file will include the frequency add-on information to enable manual correction (no decimals in the Cabrillo).

73, Paul W8TM

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