[Trlog] Suspend to disk laptop error

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Sun Apr 22 15:20:29 PDT 2012

There are no files on my TRLog DOS 6.22 computer named sav*.*   That
is, execution (in the root) of the command dir /s sav*.* returns File
not found (after a while).  So there may be files other than DOS
necessary to make your laptop run correctly.

Alternately, you may need to expand your PATH; my PATH is

73, Paul W8TM

At 01:04 PM 4/22/12 -0500, Mike D. wrote:
>The hard drive failed in my old Dell Inspiron 3500 laptop, which I use
>TR. I replaced the drive, installed DOS and am now receiving the
>error message in POST:
>"The amount of system memory has changed or the suspend-to-disk file
>I've disabled save-to-disk in the BIOS, but the error message still
>I believe, the BIOS is looking for the file [save2dsk.bin] in the
>which doesn't exist. 

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