[Trlog] Testers for Linux version of TR log

Kevin Schmidt w9cf at arrl.net
Sun Feb 26 12:08:50 PST 2012

N6TR agreed to send me the source code to TR version 6.76 so that I
could try to port it to linux. With Tree's permission, I am ready to
distribute alpha level version 0.01 of TR for linux. If you:

1. have used DOS TR
2. are a reasonably experienced linux user
3. would like to give it a try

please reply to me and I will send you the binary along with some notes
on how to get it set up.

This is essentially a direct port of the DOS code. The user interface is
through an xterm and looks like the DOS display. Most things should work.
Two things that don't work are shift and shift-ctrl tuning and rit.
My goal is to first get a working version with as few changes as possible
to the DOS version before enhancing it in any way.

CW timing works OK for me (running Slackware 13.37.0 with xfce), and
I think it should work OK on reasonably lightly loaded systems running
a recent linux kernel version with high-resolution timers so that the
nanosleep system call can sleep for less than a millisecond. I believe
this means kernel 2.6.21 or newer, properly configured.

Also please realize that I have limited time to work on this, so do not
expect prompt resolution of any bugs/problems.

73 Kevin w9cf
w9cf at arrl.net

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