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Gene Fuller w2lu at rochester.rr.com
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I thought I had seen that you should set your clock to local time and the program would correct it to GMT. I did, but it didn't. I used the program to correct the .DAT file by +300 minutes and that worked fine.  But, when I tiried to run  a new .CBR it would only use the old .DAT. I renamed the new .DAT file and when I tried rerunnig the .CBR  again it told me it couldn't because it didn't have a new CFG file to go with the new .DAT file . Is that telling me I have to start a whole new contest using the "new" .DAT file ???? 
Other little side issues that I had to correct ikn the .DAT file include that it missed alerting me to about 50 dupes and failed to show points for about 150 (out of 600) contacts. I'm guessing that these  problems are mostly caused by using the program with DOS under XP and perhaps it's time to be moving on because I never used to have any problems on my old (now dead) DOS machine. Also, the league robot didn't like the Cabrilo format.
Gene / W2LU

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