[Trlog] New computer and new version

Tree tree at kkn.net
Fri Mar 30 08:48:35 PDT 2012

Hi All-

Or to the one or two of you left on this list.

I had been getting concerned about my DOS computer that I use both for
contesting and compiling TR Log.  The disk drive's bearing was getting
pretty loud amongst other issues.  Also - the motherboard was pre USB and
it was getting harder to deal with floppies (for some reason, my Win-7
machines 3.5" floppy doesn't read my DOS floppies very consistently).  I
cobbled together a "new" computer from old win-XP boxes and even bought a
new 40G drive on Ebay along with a fresh copy of Win98SE.  Both of those
combined cost less than $100.

The new computer is QUIET!!  and also interfaces both to my network and USB
drives.  This makes backing things up a lot easier.

And then - because I was getting frustrated with low memory in some
situations - I decided to make a "NEW" version of TR Log.  This version is
based on Version 6.96 - but removes some things that I personally do not

- Bands above 432 MHz (but adding 60 meters)
- Anything having to do with multi-multi.
- Anything having to do with packet.
- Anything having to do with the DVK, band outputs or the DVP.

This seems to free up perhaps 50K or more of free memory.  My initial
testing doesn't find anything wrong.  I have decided to share it with you
all if you have a use for it.  It is currently called version 2.00.

I created a new subdirectory on my kkn.net web directory for all of the TR
Log updates to live in.  You can find it here
http://www.kkn.net/~tree/TRLog/.  If you want to give version 2.00 a try -
go ahead.

The one area that is likely a bit rough is sending commands to the radio in
SSB function key messages.  That is something I intend to fix however so I
can use the voice recorder in the K3 for SSB.


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