[Trlog] Help for CW Open Log

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 31 19:16:27 EDT 2013

I got TR to run just fine in the contest by adding a statement in the CFG 
file to allow the "FISTS" set up to accept a number and also a name. The 
program/config file ran perfectly during the four hour CW Open session.


However now I am unable to get POST to run. It kicks back with red 
lettering and states that it doesn't recognize FISTS, or something like 
that. At any rate, POST does not, so I am unable to compile a CBR file and 
also cannot run the utility in POST that will tell me how many different 
calls I worked, which is the multiplier in the CW Open.

My program version is "2013 0206 KR0VER"  No idea what this means. It's 
different from the usual "6.93" etc.

Any help is appreciated, as I am on a team, cannot submit my score for the 
team, and appear to have a competitive log.

Thanks in advance,

Jim N3BB

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