[Trlog] No coms from K2 to TRLog

Ron, K6KYJ k6kyj at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 18:12:00 EST 2013

I am currently trying to set up an Elecraft K2/100 (including KIO2 interface card) to communicate with my CPU running TRLog v.6.96.  I can get the CPU to talk to the K2 and can change bands using ALT-B.
However, I cannot get the CPU to respond to band changes made on the K2.
I have tried doing this both by running TRLog from Windows and from booting directly to DOS. The cable has been tested and continuity has been verified. The cable is not being used for any other functions at this time.
Any help would be appreciated.
Chico CA

The setup
CPU is older (dedicated) desktop I built from components. OS is Windows 98SE. The computer has two serial ports and one parallel port.  I use the parallel port for CW output to an external keyer and for control of a foot switch.  Serial one is dedicated to the K2 and Serial two is unused.
Serial one is set to 4800,8,none,2 with handshake set to none (per KIO2 documentation).  Wiring of the interface cable is in accordance with KIO2 and TR	Log documentation, utilizing DB9 pin 2 for input to the CPU and pin 3 for output from the CPU.

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