[Trlog] TR linux web site

Paul Erickson va7nt at telus.net
Thu May 16 19:04:15 EDT 2013

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for all your work on this. I am finally done with school so can 
get back
at this. I am using Fedora, so will see how your work fits into that 

One other possibility you might want to think about would be to get it 
with Puppy Linux. This has a pretty strong following among those using older
equipment (hmmm wonder why that sounds familiar!-) and a ham version of
puppy with TR Linux on it would make installation and other issues simpler.

Also, the link seems to work fine for me.

cheers, Paul - VA7NT

On 05/16/2013 12:24 PM, Kevin Schmidt wrote:
> I have put together a simple web site at <http://w9cf.hostoi.com>
> for the linux version of TR. The program can be downloaded from there.
> The program is also still available in the files section of the trlinux
> Yahoo group.
> The web site shows a screenshot of the program taken from my computer
> after the ARRL DX contest. The low score shown is from a combination of
> my lack of operating skill, lack of BIC time, and running 100 watts to a
> trap vertical.
> The current release supports K1EL's Winkeyer, but at least on my
> shack computer, serial and parallel port keying work fine.
> I have also played around with running the program on slax, a live
> version of linux on a USB flash drive. Basically you download slax to a
> USB drive, add trlinux, make the drive bootable, and then boot this on
> any PC without touching your Windows install. You can then set up and
> run the linux version to see if it does what you want.
> If there is interest, I can post how to set this up.
> 73 Kevin w9cf
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