[Trlog] Raspberry Pi

Kevin Schmidt w9cf at arrl.net
Wed Jan 8 23:45:01 EST 2014

I sent a reply to Andre, but I realized I should send something to the
list too.

TR linux is 99 percent Tree's DOS TR version 6.76 which is written in
Borland Pascal with a few assembler routines. I replaced the assembler
routines with C language routines and wrote a few interfaces in C
like those to the USB human interface device for the YCCC SO2R box,
and for some X11 manipulations. Most of the rest of the changes have
to do with supporting the linux hardware drivers, and emulating the
DOS timer interrupt.  The pascal routines of TR are compiled with free
pascal, and the C routines are compiled with gcc. I use Slackware linux,
which is pretty conservative as far as linux distributions go, so nearly
any other distribution should have the libraries I use already installed.

My computers all have Intel chips, so I compile TR for 32 and 64 bit
Intel linux systems using gcc and free pascal. These are the executables
available on the TR linux web site.  Since both gcc and free pascal can
produce ARM executables, assuming the standard libraries are available
on the raspberry pi, I believe that compiling or cross compiling the
sources should produce ARM raspberry pi binaries without difficulty.

73 Kevin w9cf

On Wed, Jan 08, 2014 at 03:50:30PM +0100, Andre Schoch wrote:
> Ha, no! Since there is a almost perfect working linux version of TRlog I tried this. I have this version running on all my machines, but somehow the usual 'linux-way' as described in the manual doesn't work for the raspberry. 
> Why the raspberry? Because it's very energy-friendly (less than 3 Watts), it has configurable GPIOs which can be connected with some relays. I use these relays to switch on my transceiver and to switch my receiving antennas. So I have a remote-station consisting of RTX and raspberry (size of a cigarette box) only, and the computer is running 24/7 and needs only minimal power. 
> The problem is the arm architecture. Most linux software has been recompiled for it, but for some reason LinuxTR is not working yet.
> Any ideas?
> Andre
> ~73 de Andre, DL4UNY (http://www.dl4uny.de)~
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