[Trlog] Using TR Log for the CW Sprint with new multipliers

Tree tree at kkn.net
Wed Feb 1 11:03:35 EST 2017

There are a few commands you can add to your config file to update the
multiplier lists for TR Log to make it consistent with the new multipliers
announced for the NCJ Sprint contests.  Here are the items you will need to
add.  It is best to put these at the end of your config file - or at least
- for sure - after the CONTEST statement.

First off - you will need to add KH6 to the list of domestic multipliers.
This can be done with:


The second step is to change the name of the domestic filename from the
default of S49P8.DOM (which gets setup automatically by the CONTEST
statement) to the file SPRINT.DOM.


Now - the only issue left is that you do not have a SPRINT.DOM file.  I can
send you one by return email if you like.  You can also generate your own
by following these steps:

1. Open up a DOS prompt.
2. Get into the directory where you have the TR Log files.

Using a text editor - open up SPRINT.DOM and find the two entries for NF
and LB.  You will need to combine these two into one line to look like this:

NfLb = NfLb, VO1, VO2, NF, LAB, LB

Make sure you then delete the two lines for NF and LB.

Note that the remaining display order has all of the Canadian multipliers
grouped near the end of the list.  If you want to change how this looks -
you can move them around in your SPRINT.DOM file.

Hope to see you in the CW Sprint this weekend.  If you have any issues or
problems with these changes - please let me know.

73 Tree N6TR

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