[Trlog] New England QSO Party Error

Alan Dove alan at alandove.com
Mon Feb 14 09:31:51 EST 2022

Hey, folks:

Thanks to Kevin for the great work on porting TR to Linux. I've just
installed it on my shack computer (running Ubuntu 20.04), and while
I'll need some time to get up to speed with the keyboard commands, I
can tell I'm going to like this.

In setting things up, I encountered one issue. I was excited to see the
New England QSO Party listed as one of the supported contests, so I
chose that and tried to set up a test log. It failed with an error
message that it couldn't find "NEQPW1.DOM." Looking in the log
directory, I couldn't find it either. Any suggestions?

The test ARRL DX log I set up worked fine, by the way.


Alan Dove, Ph.D.
alan.dove at gmail.com

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