[Trlog] Testing conditions at OK1RR

Martin Kratoska martin at ok1rr.com
Thu Jun 9 19:19:27 EDT 2022

All tests here are made on the Lubuntu 22.04. Sources compiled with fpc 

The keyer is Microham DXP (WK 3.1, firmware ver. 31.02)

BEFORE REPORTING ANY PROBLEM I made a comparative test with CQRlog 2.6.0 
(compiled from git sources, I am the co-author) and also with TR4W ver. 

Keyer comparisons made with Tinykeyer (my own construction)

and the Big Keyer K5BCQ
(my own version with SMD)

Reported are problems appearing ONLY with TR Linux (ie. all is OK with 
CQRlog and TR4W)

Martin, OK1RR

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