[Trlog] Version 0.52

Martin Kratoska martin at ok1rr.com
Wed May 25 03:42:44 EDT 2022


thanks a million! This is actually the very first really usable 
contesting program for Linux. It is a milestone, congrats!

The 0.52 is in a very advanced state and is really usable in contests 
assuming that there would be standard telnet cluster support without any 
pseudottys and similar obsolete quirks. I managed to use my K4 and a key 
of my own design, compatible with Winkeyer USB K1EL!

I would like to suggest inspiration from the TR4W program, which is 
managed today by N4AF and NY4I. This program directly supports > 170 
contests and has a number of another essential features.

I am happy that my beloved TR Log is back, revitalized and strong, 
running on the best operating system available. Count on me, please!

Martin, OK1RR

> Well - looks like we have a new verson - 0.52.
> The most significant change is the support for the SO2R Mini hardware 
> - you
> will need the Arduino code that I have written, however. We will get that
> posted on the web site at some point - or I can email it to you.
> The 7QP and CWT are supported - although the mult counting in the 7QP 
> isn't
> there yet - and the 7QP Cabrillo categories are not right - but the web
> page upload fixes all that.
> Tree N6TR
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