[UK-CONTEST] Google Earth and G5XV IOTA Contest 2004

Andy Cook, G4PIQ g4piq at btinternet.com
Fri Feb 3 17:57:20 EST 2006

G4BWP's pretty clear.


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Hi Ray,

That's really good.  Has anyone found any other "plainly visible from the
air" permanent stations with Google Earth, (or from any other Internet
mapping provider with aircraft photo's)  ?

Most of the BIIIIG stations worldwide are out of town of course, where often
there are only relatively low resolution satellite photo's available.  Just
cross reference QRZ.com with Google, finding postcodes from the one, and
typing the result into the other. USA Zip codes can be typed straight in
too. Some entertainment for a cold winter's evening...

My best result so far is Steve GW4BLE in the UK.  That's *not* a washing
line in his garden.  :-)


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Subject: [UK-CONTEST] Google Earth and G5XV IOTA Contest 2004

> Hi all,
> Somebody in the Newbury club just happened to look at the coordinates of
> the
> Stenbury Down location of the G5XV IOTA entry and discovered that the
> Google
> Earth pictures include our contest station.
> If you are interested centre Google Earth on North 50 36 40 30, West 1 14
> 20
> 00 and zoom in.
> Ray, G4FON

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