[UK-CONTEST] NCJ + WRTC2006 Commentary

Adrian Rees rees.a at btconnect.com
Thu Sep 28 11:08:13 EDT 2006

I received NCJ yesterday in the post, and for those who don't subscribe, it contains an interesting commentary about WRTC2006.
In the commentary, the analysis provides some interesting insight to the scoring mechanics that are used, as well as commentary about the "Home Country Calls" logged, as Uniques. Interestingly enough, the Yugoslavian Team had a similar number of Uniques as the German Team.It was good to read that the adjudicators not only spotted these, but took positive action to remove Uniques from all the entries. Levelling the playing field.
I would be happy to scan and email the relevant pages, for those interested in reading them.
Adrian MW1LCR

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