dave at g4buo.com dave at g4buo.com
Fri Aug 1 04:34:12 EDT 2008

>I noticed last night when looking for the submitted logs pages that  some
>of the IOTA contest site links have not yet been updated from last 
year. >eg:
>On http://www.vhfcc.org/hfcc/iota.shtml the 'IOTA Online Log
>Activation' link takes you to the 2007 received logs page. But this 
years >received logs are at
>http://iotacontest.com/contest/iota/2008/listOfLogs.php which does not 
>seem to be linked from anywhere.

My fault Dave, it was drawn to my attention a few days ago but I've been
late home every night this week so haven't been able to attend to it, I
hop to do it this evening.

Dave G4BUO

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