[UK-CONTEST] IOTA - Probably the best contest in the world!

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Fri Aug 1 07:38:15 EDT 2008

Dave and others

Sorry about the broken links. The ones on the Contest Committee website are 
known about and Dave G4BUO will fix them imminently if he hasn't already 
done so.

Marios fixed a problem with the IOTA contest website when he returned from 
5B4 (where he had, not unreasonably, gone for the contest :-)  ).

1100 logs received already - I guess we seriously need to think about 
reducing submission deadlines in future as 4 weeks is clearly no longer 
necessary. I gather some paper logs have been received at RSGB. Inevitably 
so, though numbers are decreasing - I have a couple of volunteers to type 
them up, but a couple more might be handy, too.


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> On 31 Jul 2008 at 21:49, MM0BQI wrote:
> > Well that's it for another year, packing up tomorrow to go home after
> > two glorious weeks on the Summer Isles!  Changed cottage this year to
> > the east side of the island, great for EU but blocked by the highest
> > point of the island from south through to north-west.
> Well I know you sent that message to both ukcontest and CDXC reflectors 
> but I seem to have received no less than 6 copies of it in my inbox....
> I noticed last night when looking for the submitted logs pages that 
> some of the IOTA contest site links have not yet been updated from last 
> year. eg:
> On http://www.vhfcc.org/hfcc/iota.shtml the 'IOTA Online Log 
> Activation' link takes you to the 2007 received logs page. But this 
> years received logs are at 
> http://iotacontest.com/contest/iota/2008/listOfLogs.php which does not 
> seem to be linked from anywhere.
> I also note that in the 'submission complete' email I received, 
> admittedly early on Sunday afternoon, the links given for both 
> submitted logs and photos are also to the 2007 pages.
> Maybe this needs looking into....
> And a reminder that if you submit a log and don't get a reply from the 
> robot within a few minutes you should check your ISP spam/bulk folder. 
> One of our club members seems to have this very problem when I spoke to 
> him last night (and is not shown on the logs received page).
> 73 Dave G3YMC
> http://www.davesergeant.com
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