Clive Whelan clive.whelan at btinternet.com
Sun Aug 3 06:22:08 EDT 2008

Pleased to report that the "quick and dirty" fix QSP'd to Roger, viz to 
use 7.12.24, very late last night, and copied by him early this morning 
worked for both of us. Sadly the {LASTEXCH} macro was broken by one of 
the programmers in 7.12.25 back in April, and of course no G users 
retested the prog. until yesterday ( yeah right you're always prepared 7 
days in advance ;-) ), when the brush and pan came out.

It won't be of significance now until next April, but having alerted 
K3CT to the problem and supplied him with typical post code formats, 
late UTC yesterday, he has already fixed the problem and this will 
almost certainly be available in the next update from Tom himself ( 
N1MM). This exemplifies two points previously made about N1MM: (i) it's 
dangerous existing at the cutting edge, but (ii) the life guards are 
always on duty. Other technologies are available, but from my p.o.v. 
there's only one thing worse than taking too many risks in contesting, 
and that's not taking enough!



P.S. I was rubbish again in ROPOCO2 :-(

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