Roger Cooke g3ldi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 3 11:32:57 EDT 2008


  Many thanks to Clive, GW3NJW, for suggesting a back-date on N1MM in
order to get the LASTEXCH macro to run. In the event, I was so out of 
practice with this contest that in entering the first QSO into the log, instead of putting the other station's post code, I entered mine as mine
was being sent!  DOH!

  So that explains several NR148LQ post codes doing the rounds in the first
few minutes, sorry guys!  Problem is you cannot retract what has already been sent!  Egg on face here............

  There were some weird post codes being sent. I base all post codes on my own, which is the wrong thing to do. So, I would expect two letters and a number followed by one number and two letters. Some are nothing like that at all. 

  I think this is a great contest for copying ability, and it is very noticable that some of the regular contesters around 30 wpm are slowing down to around 20 - 22 wpm including me. I found that if you did try to send at 28-30 a repeat request was asked for, plus if I heard a similar speed sent to me, the correlation between receiving and typing became disjointed. For example, take my post code. I would receive the NR and by the time I had typed those in I had forgotten the number, plus all after.

Regards from Roger, G3LDI
Swardeston, Norfolk.

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