[UK-CONTEST] Sprint - G4FNL raw score

g4fka at aol.com g4fka at aol.com
Thu Aug 14 17:21:26 EDT 2008

Well that was an education. I'd never even listened to a sprint before let  
alone taken part. So when some of the locals said they were going to have a 
bash  I had visions of all the 40 wpm gurus (all of course called Ed) hard at it  
for 90 minutes. That had no appeal at all. So I thought I'd just tune around 
and  listen to get a feel for the speed and the rhythm of it in between 
machine  loads of of washing. So I listened on and off for the first 40 minutes  or 
so and thought it didn't sound so bad after all.  

In the end I could resist no longer so I read the rules for the first time  
at 1940, set up Writelog, called my first station at 1947 and worked 33.  Not 
bad for my very first sprint and only the last 43 minutes of it to  boot.
I didn't even put the antenna out so it was all done as the  thing lay around 
the garden.
It was fun and I wish I'd done the whole 90 minutes. I've got the horrible  
feeling these could become quite addictive!
Geoff G4FKA


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