[UK-CONTEST] CQWW CW 2007 Results

Bob Henderson bob at 5b4agn.net
Mon Aug 18 14:48:26 EDT 2008

No.  For my money, I am convinced it's all down to the amazing skills of 
the operator.  Well done that man.

You can prove it next year by using a Joystick VFA, a full thirty feet 
underground.  Just like in the ads when thar were a lad.

Bob, 5B4AGN

Alan Ibbetson wrote:
>> From: "Roger G3SXW" <g3sxw at btinternet.com>
>> 21MHz
>> 9G5XA (G3XAQ), world FIRST
> Blimey! Perhaps it proves that a Moxon rectangle beam high on a hotel 
> roof really is a very effective antenna. And, as a Yorkshireman, I'm 
> ecstatic that it only cost me about 50 quid to make.
> OTOH, perhaps it just shows nobody else bothered to put in a serious 
> entry for 15M at the bottom of the sunspot cycle :-)

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