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Roger G3SXW g3sxw at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 20 11:48:18 EDT 2008

Dear UK-Contest,
Here is my reply to Dave about skimmer.
73 de Roger/G3SXW.

  In a nutshell, Dave, a software defined radio and CW skimmer software 'listens' to all stations on a band at the same time. The computer screen lists the call-signs which have been identified and the frequency. This, it is claimed, will make serious contesters more efficient.
  There has been much fiery debate recently and the jury is still out as to how useful this technological development will prove and whether it is an acceptable direction in which to travel. It works but we are yet to determine the extent to which it could really increase contest scores.
  Major contest sponsors have decided that this tool puts an operator into the 'Assisted' category because he is not decoding the call-signs himself. In this regard it is like using DX Cluster.
  Hope this helps.
  73 de Roger/G3SXW.

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    I'm sure I'm not the only one whose wondering what a "Skimmer" is?

    2008/8/20 Roger G3SXW <g3sxw at btinternet.com>

      Dear UK-Contest,
      In case you haven't already spotted it, there are several changes to the CQ
      WW rules this year. It may be worth checking the new rules before the
      contest starts.
      73 de Roger/G3SXW.

      - use of Skimmer and Skimmer-like technologies places you in the Assisted
      category. Self-spotting and requesting to be spotted are clearly banned in
      all categories.
      - multi-single stations are required to identify each QSO in the log as
      having been made by the run or multiplier station.
      - remote operation is clarified.
      - disqualification criteria have been expanded.

      See the full rules at:

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