[UK-CONTEST] CQWW CW 2007 Results

Dave Sergeant dave at davesergeant.com
Thu Aug 21 03:30:25 EDT 2008

Just been looking at my report/nil files. Quite pleased really, only 
lost points on 10 QSOs, 4 of which would have been dupes anyway if I 
had copied them correctly.

But I was a bit puzzled to see that I had caused a NIL in OK1DVM's log. 
I found I had actually worked OK3R at that time, and it seems that is 
his contest call. But if you look at the log for OK3R you will see 
every line of his Cabrillo says his call was OK1DVM. I guess he didn't 
get many points in the contest....

Puzzled why I copied CN3A as CN2A on two bands?

73 Dave G3YMC


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