Nick Totterdell nick at totterdell.co.uk
Sun Aug 31 10:22:57 EDT 2008

Great job with the quick results. I am encouraged to join in when the
results are quick so thanks.


The first Commonwealth Contest I entered, I think the results were not out
until after the following year's contest - at least that's how it seemed,


Unlike Tony I am certain that I made some mistakes and am amazed to have
only dropped 2 Qs. I was a bit the worse for wear after a 25th wedding
anniversary party the night before.


I have in the past heard the postcode from a station's previous contact
relayed to me incorrectly but have carried on regardless, assuming that the
other station had logged the postcode wrongly. Of course you can easily lose
points for another station's sending error.


Thankfully it is only a leisure activity, dare I suggest, and as such it is
probably best to accept such errors with amusement!


I wonder at the consistent accuracy that must have been required by the
amateur radio voluntary interceptors who passed message to the code breakers
during WWII. Were these coded messages repeated?


73 Nick



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