[UK-CONTEST] WPX Scores - Sands Contest Group

Chris Tran GM3WOJ zl1ct1 at gm7v.com
Thu Apr 1 04:28:27 PDT 2010

Hi Ian

Your Sands Contest Group sound exactly the keen contesters we need to
encourage as much as possible.

Three points from me - ignoring the dampness, your earth/ground is probably
poor - just thin topsoil then solid rock. If using monoband verticals the
best idea might be 2 elevated radials (trimmed for resonance), then an earth
screen of 60+ quarter-wave radials arranged around the base (not connected
to the elevated radials)

Secondly, are there any experienced contesters locally who could 'guest op'
at a contest - your team would learn a lot I am sure (don't invite DXers,
they don't make good contesters, generally speaking)

Lastly - recent DXpeditions using low Spiderbeam/Hexbeam antennas have not
had good signals - these antennas don't work (especially on 20m) unless they
are high - at least you are giving your Spiderbeam a chance to work at 50'


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