[UK-CONTEST] Deliberately Corrupting call signs

Dave Sergeant dave at davesergeant.com
Tue Apr 6 02:24:40 PDT 2010

On 6 Apr 2010 at 9:27, Chris Tran GM3WOJ wrote:

> Last time we worked you called with M/SP3CW and there was no problem. I
> guess what is causing the concern is that M3CW is not part of your
> callsign -given the fact that nowadays there might be some M3CWx station
> out there.

Indeed. M3CW is in fact not a valid callsign. I am not convinced with 
your argument Artur. Sending partial callsigns is often used by some in 
pileups though it is questionable whether it achieves anything. It may 
be useful in the gigantic pileups we encounter on dxpeditions, but for 
a 'minor' contest like the SP one I shouldn't think the pileups get big 
enough to justify doing this and it only leads to confusion. Remember 
the other op will already have typed the (incorrect) callsign in his 
logging program by the time he replies to you and will then have to go 
and manually edit it - it will CERTAINLY slow him down.

And of course sending a callsign that is not yours by any stretch of 
the imagination is violating your own licence.

73 Dave G3YMC


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