[UK-CONTEST] OT - FT857 Mode Display

David Ferrington, M0XDF M0XDF at Alphadene.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 16:42:26 PDT 2010

suggest he/you ask on the Ft-857 Yahoo group, someone there is bound to know.
We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we
created them. -Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate (1879-1955)

On 6 Apr 2010, at 18:36, Dave Lawley wrote:

> Sorry for the bandwidth but a 2E0 in our club has reported a problem 
> with his FT857. Apparently the mode keys will change mode, cycling in 
> the normal way, but the mode is not displayed on the LCD panel. He 
> thinks he must have hit a combination of keys but has no idea what has 
> happened and I cannot find any reference to this in the manual for mine.
> Anyone have any idea how to get the mode display back, other than 
> resetting to factory-default settings?

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