[UK-CONTEST] Phonetics

Rob - G4LMW g4lmw at btconnect.com
Sun Apr 11 15:33:24 PDT 2010

I tend to use "Germany four London Mexico Washington" in poor conditions.

Golf is very "soft" and gets lost

Lima gets confused as Alpha
Mike is sometimes missed altogether
Whiskey is copied as Yankee

73, Rob

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> It is interesting to learn that I am not alone in using other phonetics in 
> preference to "GOLF".........I find "GERMANY" is copied much easier than 
> "GOLF when there is heavy QRM.
> I would be interested to learn if I am alone in copying "E" when someone 
> has given "XRAY" in a call sign...........it sounds as if it should be "E" 
> for "XRAY".
> SSB is not my favourite mode,I hasten to add.
> John G3RSD
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