[UK-CONTEST] Stupid Phonetics

Andy Swiffin a.l.swiffin at dundee.ac.uk
Tue Apr 13 02:21:45 PDT 2010

> Too right Chris,
> I can't understand why some stations use 'Germany' as the phonetic for 
> 'G'   Using a 'country' phonetic which has no connection with where the 
> station is located makes no sense at all 

OK - come up with another phonetic for _G_ which is easy to understand?  (Guatemala counts nul point :)

> I try to stick with standard ICAO phonetics for all their failings 

I know this was done to death last year.   But the ICAO phonetics are designed so that English and non English speakers can understand each other in Q5 conditions.   If I always used the ICAO set I would have busted calls in most logs I work.

At least I don't  have to call you G _Tree_  LVP....   (One of the ATCs in Dundee tower  and I have a running battle over that one).

germany mexico eight ontarrio england germany.
(actually guatemala does get me quite a high accuracy of returns when working SA :-)

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