[UK-CONTEST] Stupid Phonetics

Ian Greenshields ian.greenshields at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 07:07:05 PDT 2010

Well, anyone licensed around 1976-77 that ended up with the G4F prefix will
no doubt have had many phonetic variations of their call sign, given the
creative joy that an F presents at the beginnning of a 3 letter acronym!

The one I liked most, even if it was not as frequently tested as the owner
would have liked, referred to being  'good for' doing something to 'sexy
undergraduates', probably more truthful was an uncomplimentary reference to
a 'stupid undergraduate'. I didn't much care for the urinal with a bad smell
either, but 'fancy silk underwear' has raised a few titters over the years!
The one that gets through every time to US operators is Florida State

I'll get my coat.....

73 Ian G4FSU

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