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Mon Apr 19 00:32:19 PDT 2010

My thanks to Ray for clarifying his earlier statement.

There were 4 losses from the Committee last year (apart from my own handover
to Ed GW3SQX - my role was always a transitional one). G4PIQ, previous VHFCC
Chairman, who I asked to stay on pro-tem for transition purposes (but who
now wants to focus on work, family and WRTC - good luck, Andy), G4VXE who
was replaced by G3ZVW as RadCom Sport Radio columnist, MM0CCC who stepped
aside for domestic reasons and Bob G0ADH for health reasons and who, we
hope, will rejoin us when his health allows (again, we wish Bob well). All
have been replaced but, yes, we always welcome expressions of interest from
those who feel they have something to contribute. Probably the main gaps
right now (and we have advertised them in RadCom to no avail) are for
someone to handle trophies and someone to take on a publicity role (HQ did
get one expression of interest for the former, but it was withdrawn when it
was made clear that this was an unpaid volunteer role - same wage rate as
the rest of us :-) ). These are not necessarily Contest Committee roles as
such, but could be much broader. I would welcome volunteers!

RSGB Board Member for Sport Radio

On 19 April 2010 00:39, Ray James <gm4cxm at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I would like to take the opportunity to clarify that when I wrote
> "unless you've now filled one of the many contest committee resignation
> gaps" and "recently resigned" that I was not implying there had been a
> recent exodus from the contest committee.
> It was actually based on the recent resignation information provided in the
> annual CC report in Radcom which covered a one year period as well as the
> HFCC webpage informing that the committee continues to have vacancies.
> 73 Ray GM4CXM
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