[UK-CONTEST] Software for Data Contests

tim.trew at btinternet.com tim.trew at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 26 02:28:52 PDT 2010

> Nigel G0VDZ said.....
> I was wondering what programmes people use in the data contest.
> In have tried several but to no avail.

I have only ever tried the PSK modes with Digital Master 780 (DM780), part of Ham Radio Deluxe. It covers a large number of data modes and is quite satisfactory for logging in the CC. A few "gotcha's" (all covered somewhere in the extensive documentation):
- It can be run independently of HRD, but then it will not log the band correctly, which it reads from HRD. Apparently, this limitation is intentional. However, you can just select all the QSOs at the end of the contest and change the band for all of them in a single bulk edit.
- If you are going to run DM780 with HRD, HRD has to be connected to a rig via its CAT interface or you can select a simulated rig (Dem-o-matic) on which you can set the current band. You have to start the IP Server (Tools->IP Server in HRD) for DM780 to be able to communicate with it.
- By default DM780 will send a fixed exchange (e.g. for an ITU zone), but if you put your first serial number in [], e.g. [001], it will autoincrement thereafter.
- There are two views onto your logbook (quick log and main logbook). The Cabrillo export only works from the main logbook

As well as the waterfall display, which works in all modes, it also has a "superbrowser" for the PSK modes. This simultaneously decodes all stations in the audio passband, which might re-open Steve's original question about whether PSK should be used in contests, but I won't pursue that! If you double-click on the decoded text in the superbrowser, it switches back to the normal QSO display, with the callsign already entered in the logging window.

At the end of the contest you can go to http://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html, enter your callsign and see where you were heard. If you enable the PSK reporter in DM780, you will also see which stations your rig copied, but which you missed!

You probably want to try all this more than 10mins before the beginning of the contest.

73, Tim

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